An Ontario Health Team (OHT) is a group of healthcare providers who work together to deliver connected care to the communities they serve.

Within an OHT, healthcare providers will work together to improve both access to care for patients and the quality of that care. Through better collaboration, healthcare providers can offer improved services to patients, families and caregivers. In turn, we expect the health of the broader population to improve over time. This collaboration will also lead to improved experiences for both patients and providers.

OHTs are all about improving the delivery of healthcare services for patients. Healthcare providers (such as hospitals, family doctors and nurse practitioners, homecare providers, community support service agencies, mental health organizations, long-term care homes, and paramedic services) will directly partner together. These partnerships will improve efficiency and support the sustainability of our healthcare system for future generations.

OHTs were established under the new Connecting Care Act. 

To learn more about the OHT model, click here to check out the Ministry’s OHT website. You can also click here to read “Connected Care” updates from the Ministry and sign up to receive them in the future.


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